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Choosing to buy a barcode label printers fit

Want to buy a barcode label printer but you do not know anything about these models and the market offer too many products so you do not know how to choose the right product for your printing needs?

When choosing to buy a bar code label printers, you should pay attention to the capacity of computer printing, the machine working conditions, quality barcode matches your intended use it? Also, you need to balance between price and configuration. A bar code label printers have a high profile will print faster, in more and more convenient, but also its price also more expensive than the average machine configuration.

Before buying a barcode printer, you should ask the seller to give you a brochure with technical specifications of your computer and refer to the following parameters:

1.Do resolution print head (printhead Resolution): The current printer lines usually have a resolution of 203, 300, 600 dpi. The higher-resolution print quality and sharper will be beautiful. But the price will be more expensive. You should consider choosing models to clearly label printing beautiful, quality of image.



2. Maximum width (Maximium Print Width = MPW): Depending on the type of paper you plan to use a maximum print width how much. The average printer can often go MPW = 104mm with 110mm paper width. Some companies in the industry need to print labels with 140mm paper width. So you must pay attention to this.

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3. Data Memory (SDRAM): The line of barcode label printers are equipped with 2 types of memory is flash memory (system memory) and SDRAM (memory data). When you need to print labels with the number more or when you need to print labels with many graphics, the printer should have enough to SDRAM can store all that data. A bar code printer should have a minimum of 2MB - 4MB SDRAM that can meet the printing needs of the average.

4. The media (Media Type): In addition to the paper is the main print media, the label printer can print up one of other media such as synthetic resin paper (papers dai), foil, foil , the type of film, thin skin, vv..Ban should consult for advice sellers type barcode label printers suitable.

5. Print speed (Print Speed): A barcode printer with high speed to be able to print large quantity in the shortest time period. Save time and meet production demands. At a minimum you should have a barcode printer with speeds from 2-8 ips.