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overall product delivery process

This model describes the overall product delivery process from factory to supermarket and shops, supermarkets and how store managers and retail goods for consumers.

One such distribution process includes 2 stages:
Stage 1: Output of products

Products from the factory will be labeled barcodes or barcode printed directly onto the packaging before being marketed in legal circulation.

Barcodes are used for products in the first place is often where EAN EAN or UPC code is a prerequisite if you want the product to be exported to other countries in the world.

Barcode labels are created in this period often have very large quantities and therefore printed in industrial printing machines or the bar code label printer with power in several thousand labels / day.

Usually only the companies in new machining equipment industrial printers large because investment costs for this type of machine is very high. Therefore, a more proactive way, companies often equip yourself 1 or several barcode label printers that can produce tens of thousands of labels per day with low investment costs

Stage 2: The inputs of the product, product management and sales

In this model, the product at the output after labeling or printing bar codes will be distributed to supermarkets and shops. The supermarket or shop owners understand the origin of each item through the bar code printed on the item. His turn, supermarkets and shops to use bar codes to classify goods, pricing aims to manage and bill accurately and quickly.

Barcodes are used in this case is called a local bar codes. What EAN no mandatory rules on local barcode to retail dealers, stores or supermarkets may use one particular type of bar code suitable for your product to encrypt information items .

After the goods are supermarkets and shops locally barcode labels, a "charging technology" for supermarkets and shops was developed.

Charging systems for customers in supermarkets and shops:

1. The system of automatic barcode scanner at the cash register:

- Aims to scan the barcode on the item locally, rapidly. Persons charged just hold each item glance barcode scanner system fitted just below the counter. Barcode scanner automatically reads the barcode on the item without knowing the direction of the bar code symbol like.
2. Software management cash and goods on the POS Integration:

- Software is the kind of database software converts scanned bar codes into product code, which know the name of the product, its origin, as well as money that supermarket or store items listed above. This software will be consulting company to suit supermarket and shop
- POS is a system that can be used to integrate the software. In addition, the POS with a touch screen, so quick operation without using the keyboard or mouse to the same as PC.
3. Printer professional invoices (GPrinter):

- As one component in a system called POS (Point Of Sales). POS systems led to the development of a manufacturing technology of these devices highly professional and quite alien to Vietnam one.

In this POS system with the printer Pos Printer that bill is only one component of it. Invoice printers built for the purpose in the roll paper printing invoices by invoice.

may in tem nhanmay quet ma vachdau in ma vach

That is kind of tabloid-sized paper rolls range from 76mm - 80mm enough to print out a list of items and prices. Ply printable lot and cut the paper automatically after printing to deliver to customers a rapid way.

We know that in a supermarket with the size, number of customers daily shopping and even hours are very crowded. If we do not have the specialized equipment specific to the model of a business center, we can not solve the shopping needs of our customers and thus will lead to sales performance was worse.

- In a shopping mall with thousands of people, we can not be charged by reading the price on each item to the naked eye and then use calculator to charge customers as this will be slow and may confused.

4. Customer Display:

- If you must be in a position to "cash" your customers will understand the Customer Display to do? And if you are a shopper and stood outside the cash register, you will think how if she kept quiet cashier at the counter calculation and hand you one invoice that you are not satisfied? "Money" to "fair" and Customer Display is a solution.

It is connected to a computer or printer for displaying prices of items which will incur, besides it many more such displays using standard navigation messages, notifications etc .. The presence of increasingly Customer Display make the point, the sales center more formal.

- Customer Displays is one of the components of the POS system, which is capable of leaving or integrated in a POS system consists of multiple devices.

5. Cash drawers:

Cash Deposit (cash drawer): Used for supermarket cashier, shop, restaurant, fast food outlets .. enables cashiers to collect and classify cash customers pay quickly and most convenient.

Above is an overview of package solutions from the distribution chain of goods to consumption goods in supermarkets, trade centers and shops. Through this model should indicate it has led to the development of the POS system with multiple devices more comfortable and modern.