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Useful Information

Barcode Design Software

Guide to Design Barcode Label software using the matrix 8.0
Part 1: Choose printer
Go to Start / Settings / Printers and faxs / right click on Driver Argox OS-314TT printer PPLA

Select Printing Preferences / Window Argox OS-314TT PPLA Printing Preference appearance:

Tab Page Setup: page format
- In New to format new paper

Name: name sheet
Label Size:
+ Width: The size paper horizontally
+ Height: size pages vertically
- Edit: edit the page size specified
- Delete: delete the specified page
- Portrait: the pages vertically
- Landcape: the page horizontally
- Portrait 180: the page vertically rotated 180 degrees
- Landcape: the pages rotate 180 degrees horizontally
Tab Graphics mode option when printing images

Tab Stock:

- Label Sensor: click the arrow buttons to option:

+ Use Current Settings uses the current settings in printer
+ Label Gap: papers have gaps in between the vertical label
+ Disabled: continuous paper (between the label no gaps)
+ Label Mark: papers with the Black Mark on the bottom substrate
- Print Method: clicking the arrow buttons to option:

+ Use Current Settings uses the current settings in printer
+ Thermal Transfer: print ribbon
+ Thermal Direct: direct thermal printing does not use ribbon
- Post-Print Action: option of withdrawal mode when printing paper

+ None: printing in normal mode
+ Tear Off: printer paper will draw on and make one about before and after print
+ Pause: after performing the job machine will stop
+ Cut: Machine will automatically cut after printing (if the machine is mounted cutter)
+ Cut and Pause: the machine will automatically stop after cutting and print (if the printer is mounted cutter)

Tab Options:

- Print Head Temperature
Select Send with job -> drag the slider to adjust the temperature (dark / light) for printers
Part 2: On Label Matrix software
Create a new file: In Flie / New- Next- Finish
Resize paper: Go to File - select Page Setup
VD: 34x22 paper


may in tem nhanmay quet ma vachdau in ma vach



Select the font, font size


When designing the stamp is completed, we will select the printer and print postage stamp size.
Go to File -> Printer Setup. Select a printer -> Setup -> select the right size to be printed stamps -> OK
Then we press the print command: Go to File -> Print (or Ctrl + P)