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does need to have a program to read barcodes ?


I hear many people say "programmed to read barcodes". So there is need to have a program to read a barcode?

 may quet ma vach


So far, the bar code can only be read by a single device as a barcode scanner (barcode scanner). Inside scanners available on a program to decode the barcode type. That is the program used to read barcodes. The barcode scanner machine to communicate with the computer via one of the ports usually are: keyboard, USB and COM.

If you have a keyboard or scanner using the USB port, the parts of the scanner will decode codes placed directly on the spot whether your cursor is using what program. This is the same as when you're typing.

And if we want programmers to decode barcode types, ie we have really come into manufacturing technology barcode scanner. To programmable decode barcode types we need to have in-depth knowledge of different types of barcodes. This is not a simple matter at all in the situation of our current barcode.