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Barcode Application

From the factory, the warehouse to retailers all want to manage goods, their assets correctly, no down time, no human cost, which brings the effective management and business of minh.Chung now I specialize in providing solutions and power supplies to cater for the printing. Our supplies have helped industries increase efficiency and outstanding accuracy. You want a comprehensive solution for managing their offerings I believe will provide a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Some applications and solutions in the industrial modernization
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- Inventory Management: The management of your warehouse and moving them or touch, so you need to use bar code printing papers must be durable and scratch-resistant not easy peeling when stamping barcodes up carton, packaging, plastic. Ink barcode on impact is not easily fade, because when you use a bar code on the system requires storage is essential barcode, barcode fade or lose you can not control your goods . Meet those needs we will and are providing the best quality for any situation Stock: hot or cold, wet or dry, dirty or dusty, abrasive or chemical cleaning.

Your warehouse plays an important part in ensuring that your company meets its performance targets . For product decal paper and ink , receiving, storage , transportation solutions , you can move goods and information through the warehouse , distribution center , warehouse or shop with speed larger without any errors occur .

To increase warehouse efficiency and accuracy today , please contact us .

- Retail: We provide a full range of bar code printing paper / ink barcodes for any retail application include :

High volume retail

Document Handling
seasonal price reduction
Distribution center
Shelf labelin

Also we provide printers , barcode scanners allow you to achieve maximum profit and maximum yield .

We can custom design labels to suit your needs - colored labels , custom size .

- Mobile Computers (Mobile computer )

Mobile Computers Point of Sale ( POS ) application enables companies to reduce operating costs and increase revenue. With on-site printing of invoices / receipts , companies can maintain excellent customer service and higher margins push

With mobile computers , improved labor productivity can reach around 30 million per employee per year

- Asset Tracking

Asset tracking labels forgery proof of our very simple to apply and extremely effective . Once the label has been affixed to the product and allows the use , it can not be removed without leaving evidence of tampering revealed , and it never can be transferred to a different product

Delaminates false documents while after twisting surface remains intact waterproof

Impervious to temperature fluctuations , Suitable for indirect food contact