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Synthesis of the big guns in the market of bar codes

synthesis of the major players in the market BarcodesInc particular printer and barcode general worldwide

Motorola: Business Partner

Motorola / Symbol self BarcodesInc Haola partner with strong network of resellers providing global commodity gioi.Motorola very know how to create programs to attract investors and the attractive incentives entice visitors customers and dealers worldwide

Flexible to meet the needs of enterprises There are many complex systems requires a breadth of expertise, in-depth knowledge of hardware technology, know-how and practical experience of applications, integration skills and other professional services and support before and after sales. BarcodesInc bring portfolio of mobile enterprise solutions by Motorola directly to end user customers.

Zebra: Premier Partner

As one of the leading partners of BarcodesInc, vendors offer 1 large equipment in the entire market in particular barcode barcode printer

The superiority in technology, market knowledge and extensive relationships are the features of Zebra
The solution collects data associated with long-term cooperation and sustainability through warranty customer is the fulcrum for 2 big investors may increasingly strong cooperation.

Honeywell Business Partner

BarcodesInc committed to providing customers with a combination of advanced Auto ID technologies and innovative solutions which include software applications, hardware integration and professional services. By partnering with Honeywell, the global market leader in linear and 2D images, BarcodesInc are investing in technology, and a company committed to the highest levels of support and service customers.

Datalogic Diamond Partner

Datalogic has established relationships with BarcodesInc to provide exceptional levels of support to customers interested in purchasing Datalogic products. Partner Datalogic is a convenient source for the procurement of Datalogic products includes general purpose and ruggedized handheld high-performance products and provide services such as express delivery, technical support and application vertical and solutions.

Partner Sato

The SATO Partner program appreciated the contributions of all VAR brings to their business. Partners like BarcodesInc offers a range of high quality products, SATO barcode printer with durability and high reliability, dau Sato barcode printing devices also support customers' sustainability its reliability and real-time problem is also solved problems Saot ma very good for their customers-guarantee will have 1 volume distributor / sales agent stability.

Wasp Premier Platinum Partner

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The Wasp Platinum Premier Partner Program is designed to support partners, as BarcodesInc, profitable service for small businesses by providing data capture and tracking solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies. As the go-to's national reseller, BarcodesInc is focused on helping customers find products and solutions based on Wasp best suits your business needs to manage assets, control Inventory, Point-of-Sale, and tracking time and participation.