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Learn and distinguish the type of bar code scanner

 Using a barcode scanner in the purchase, management of goods has become more popular and easier. Therefore, the machines are also manufactured on a lot in order to meet diverse needs. And the following article will talk about understanding and distinguishing the types of barcode scanners.

Learn about barcode scanner Is a device used to decode bar codes and collect on your computer. The machine is widely used in today's life in the supermarkets, bookstores, ... and is interpreted as the character input method, such as the computer keyboard. Classification barcode scanner The classification depends on the technology machines, functional use. Classification by scanning technology - 1D Barcode Scanner Is composed of black and white vertical stripes and are arranged horizontally, linear technology using cross sectional scanning the barcode stripes. Method of operation of the machine is to shine the light beam directly at the surface contains a fixed barcode, black and white stripes encoding of barcodes into ASCII characters

- 2D Barcode Scanners Is composed of black and white square matrix of the overall volume. 2D barcode is the pixel matrix with larger data capacity 1D repeatedly. This machine was used by the matrix imaging technologies, operated camera. How to operate the machine is going to take a picture of the bar code and put in your computer processor to decode the matrix as pure text. Classification by functional use - Used in Retail The line of barcode scanners are often used in the retail sale of ordinary type, suitable for use in offices, bookstores, shops, supermarkets, ... Machine mainly use laser technology has the advantage thanks to quick and accurate scan time only 1 to 2 seconds for a product. - Used in the warehouse The type of bar code scanners used in warehousing requires high reliability and avoid dust. Because the restaurant is home, often under the influence of dust and water, barcode scanning UPC or EAN mainly.

The machine uses imaging technology for 2D and PDF low bias . However , the longer the scan time will have to justify that because the bar code is within photography . Above is the type of bar code scanners and classified by various characteristics to be able to distinguish and properly used in every business environment , management of various goods . For more information , please contact us at the address . TEM COMPANY PHUC AN barcode labels Address : 1711 Pacific Avenue , Hiep An Ward , Dist. Thu Dau Mot , Binh Duong Phone : 0650 3585679 Hotline: 0906.637.687 Fax : 0650 3585479 Email: Website :