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Management software retail shop with bar code scanning equipment

introduce transaction management software retail store / supermarket chain

The chain store / supermarket retailers are forced to equip north where the utility software sales. Comes with a set of equipment that is indispensable staging Modular barcode scanner printer bill / invoice, barcode printers connected computer and output excel file to the management convenience.

Transaction management software / supermarket chain's retail stores:

The software has the following functions:

+ Daily revenue control.

+ Control import / export revenue

+ Integrated management revenue

+ Inventory control

+ General sales staff

+ Report liabilities

+ Listing Details liabilities

+ Debt / discount for customers / suppliers

+ Listed invoices for suppliers and customers about debts

+ Synthesis shelf goods exported / imported

+ Inventory management and production or bounces a flexible way possible

+ Card for warehouse inspectors

+ Synthesis funds, 1 fund listing detailed declaration made in detail and the extensive amount of total revenues and total expenses by month / by quarter depending on the requirements of customers

+ Prompt settlement of debt

+ Prompt payment of the debt offer

+ Bad debt prompted impossible to customer liabilities

+ Mentioning the holidays / birthdays of employees / customers

- Inventory Warning

+ To the extent permitted by the software inventory reports and health dich not of warehouse area

- Automatic alerts of customer debts

+ Time pre-fixed debt is the basis for the software to report on time payments
Hot Features

- Dynamic

+ Flexibility in adding or removing unnecessary functionality

+ Outputs are diversified on a server nhìu

+ Easy to use less product can more freely, without constraint

+ Application support excell / acess

- It's correct

+ System data calculated based on the input information accurate absolute

+ Fast processing with integrated software nhìu latest available features

+ Saves time and money of businesses in hiring accounting staff.

- Security safe

+ Pass word systematic multistage ensure access to employee / management are clearly separated, rinsed losses on inventory or profiteering from staff absence management.

- As easy to use convenient

+ System suitable for graduated high school to use for people proficient computer lab

+ Be specific guide employees through IT

+ Multiple languages ​​English / Vietnamese / Chinese

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