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Sort the barcode printing equipment and their role

Classification of barcode printer: industrial barcode printers, barcode printers office, mobile barcode printer
Synthesis of 3-line barcode printer

1. Industrial Barcode Printer

Is a line printer with high capacity 1 printable barcode labels of stamps during printing depending on the speed of the machine line of industrial barcode printing .May suit businesses, factories great to meet the high demand.

For 1 stamp normal size (30x50 mm), the first day stamp number reached 20,000 Stamp / 1 day; or to the 4x6 inch size, the stamps can reach 15,000 Stamp / 1 day is what the machine industrial barcode printing easily met.

With yields so large Vietnamese lam There are industrial barcode printer is like "Buffalo" in the market bar code as: Zebra Zebra ZM 400 firm, Datamax 6208 or 4208 line of Datamax label besides the common line as Argox G6000, Sato CLN4X ...

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2.May barcode printing office

With a compact design comes with a reasonable price, barcode printer business office more confident If used with demand at about 4000-5000 Stamp / 1 day, the office barcode printer is plans for use of barcode printers ly.Nhung the appropriate office to print labels now gold or jewelry store in tem If small, they need a new resolution for the image of excellence strokes. Here are some sample one common office machines .Hang Zebra LP 2824 Plus line, Gx 420T, 430T ... its GX Argoc there 2140D OS, A3140, OS 214 plus ...

3.May mobile barcode printing

As printers are relatively less common than the two remaining lines .Kich design compact and easy to move is the strongest point of this camera is also Draw a capacity equivalent models but difficult to office printing with high intensity, it takes one period relative to thought can operate at full capacity with some lines the.Mot popular mobile printer QL-420 is plus, Zebra P4T ....