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The barcode equipment selling in 2014

The barcode equipment selling in 2014

1. Barcode Printer Zebra brand

Zebra seem to keep her perennial brand and reputation within the bar code of Asia in particular and the world in general .May Zebra bar code printing with 2 lines occupied predominantly industrial and office machines still account .do market strength and stability during printing is one of the strong points of this famous American brand .Vao Zebra November 2014 for the industrial machine line 2 lines with small ZT 400 ZT 410 la and ZT 420 successfully finalized the first year of a long line of devices and prestige.

2.The inspection equipment warehouse - warehouse management

Also located in the facilities market in barcode, machine warehouse inventory is also produced and consumed in the last few years .Therefore warehouse management needs associated with increased accuracy and less time-consuming to use.The machine warehouse inventory become a powerful assistant property for warehouse inspectors when input-multiple output of goods and difficult to control. Warehouse inventory machine will connect computers in conjunction with warehouse management software is one of the indispensable tools for today's businesses. The common inventory control as: CipherLap 8000, Datalogic memor, Revo It 900 ...

3. Barcode Scanning Devices Data Logic brand
2120 QW, QD Power scan 2130 or 8300 is the familiar name of the bar code scanners branded logic Data With competitive prices accompanied by quality and reliability are guaranteed, the line scanner Data rong logic is promoted gradually in recent years and become strong with a staff of professional technicians and good warranty now


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