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The top reasons to buy Zebra Barcode Printhead


Barcode print head is the most important parts of the bar code printers, and also very easy to damage if used and stored incorrectly. There are many types of barcode print head design, quality varies, but the highlight of which is the Zebra bar code printing is selected and commonly used today. Here are the reasons why users should choose Zebra bar code print head. The reasons for why should buy Zebra bar code print head Luxury brands Zebra printers are trademarks stamps, now famous bar code and there are more than 3000 enterprises using the printer and print head Zebra barcode. Zebra's products with its own design, make the highlight in style, design, including cheap products is also very beautiful and luxurious. From there, the first visible Zebra bar code printing is one of the first high-quality printing with outstanding advantages compared to other types of print head is on the market. Long time use The first kind of Zebra bar code printing always brings peace of mind to the user when the machine has high reliability, stable operation. Along with the warranty that is good, hard failure, bringing peace of mind to use.

Competitive rates The first product in the current bar codes with relatively high price makes the user quite disturbed when choosing a product with reasonable price and high quality. However, when using Zebra barcode print head, people will be more secure because of the high cost though, but went along with the good quality, beautiful design for the inner function. Excellent printing efficiency Zebra bar code print head line of industrial barcode printer with high performance printed labels with direct thermal printing technology does not use ink ribbon, which still give quality labels and clear impressed and comfortable printing without fear of damage. The first kind of Zebra bar code commonly used in today Print head with 203 dpi resolution from 300 dpi, 600 dpi, such as the printhead Zebra TLP2844, TLP2824 Zebra printheads, printhead Zebra ZM400, Zebra Z4M printheads, printhead Zebra Z4M plus, Z6M Zebra printheads, the printhead Zebra S4M, Zebra print head 105 SL, 105 SL Plus Zebra printheads, printhead Zebra ZT200, Zebra ZT220 printheads, printhead Zebra ZT230, Zebra ZT400 printheads, printhead Zebra ZT410, Zebra ZT420 printheads, printhead Zebra TLP 2844, first in Zebra TLP 2824, printhead Zebra 110Pax3 L & R, printhead Zebra 110PAX4, printhead Zebra 110Xi III, printhead Zebra 110Xi 4, printhead Zebra 140 Xi, Xi II, Xi III, printhead Zebra 140 Xi4 head Zebra print 170Xi III, Zebra print head 170Xi 4 ...

From the information above to show the utility , great advantages of Zebra bar code print head when used long -time , high reliability , less breakdowns , a good warranty . From there , Zebra print head deserves to become the most famous brand in the world in the field of bar code technology , with reliability , quality , and reasonable price , more than 60% of the major manufacturers in the world information correct URL.To more detailed information and advice in the best way , please contact us at the following address . • TEM COMPANY PHUC AN barcode labels • Address : 1711 Pacific Avenue , Hiep An Ward , Dist. Thu Dau Mot , Binh Duong • Telephone : 0650 3585679 • Hotline: 0906.637.687 • Fax : 0650 3585479 • Email: • Web :