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The common error of the barcode printer

Article will point out these common errors of barcode printer

1. Error not receive paper

Typically customers often wonder why paper roll system still did not get out of paper and the indicator light is still on. This error has two causes. 1 is a hardware fault detector parts ie paper, with majors from the "eye of paper reading" problem may be caused by paper dust close to or in the process of working with open-circuit or fire caused by too much activity. How to fix this error is simple, if you clean 1 time fault and still not end, you just bring the system warranty to replace our "eyes read the paper," the device will operate normally.

2nd cause is likely due to faulty software installed on the computer system of this case occurs only when using the machine, and you probably chose the wrong printer driver, but do not bother because parts Our technical installation will install free software on your computer to integrate convenient for customers.

2. Errors in the barcode in- head scratched, uneven

This is very often suffer from error. Due to the perishable of bar code print head If used with high intensity or the type of paper or ink, the print head is not compatible barcodes are easily damaged, scratched la And the result will give the code bar with lines of tiny scratches. Despite such small scratches but still a great influence to the scan code, can give out the wrong information.

How to fix this error can only clean soft cotton primary, if not the only remedy is to replace the first one in the new bar code and still be installed for free from the professional technical staff of our preservation toi.Cac top view top barcode printing and barcode printing should know.

3.Loi worn roller shaft

Do use long, abrasive paper roller near the top bar in the barcode will cause noise during printing or the paper will run unevenly .Dung worried about job replacement roller shaft is also very simple. Offer your warranty system to fix this error.

4.Loi main board

This error is caused by hardware failures of its technical design. Barcode printing will be biased, incompatible software or worsens unbootable barcode printer.

If still in the warranty period the company will support 100% free replacement main board to ensure brand reputation.

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