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What are label printers ?

 Label printers, also known as barcode printers and thermal printers are used to print machine information on labels or barcodes for items or different products. Label printers also known as bar code printers have English name is barcode printer. Label printers are common facilities and needed to be used by connecting to a computer with printing functions and barcode information onto the surface of the label design and requirements of the users.

Label printers have special functions. No need to use manual methods or labor to label printers that can itself continuously cut the labels, because it was installed equipment is a very sharp and sharp knife are mounted in the output side of the stamp, to be installed in order to count the number of labels to be printed out as required. Unlike automatic function label cut, torn label functions should have direct control and supervision of the implementation of torn labels. To avoid cases of mistaken add labels or labels misprinted labels, the printer will wait to tear the head of a new label in the next stamp. Label printers are widely used in shops, supermarkets, bookstores, clothing, wood, ceramics, chemicals, rattan, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, chemicals, real Products…

Label printers have a resolution of 203 dpi high, 300dpi, 600dpi ... will produce the sharp labels. Printing technology, the printer has two types of labels that is: print direct thermal labels and printing labels using indirect heat transfer. The length of printed labels per second print speed is called the label printers. The types of printers currently used labels: Avery label printers, label printers Agrox, BIXOLON label printers, label printers Citizen, Datamax label printers, label printers Mornach, printers stamps labels Godex, Intermec label printers, label printers Sato, Toshiba label printers, label printers Tsc, Zebra label printers ... Bar Code Label Company Fu'an Stamps dedicated to providing all kinds of label printers with reasonable prices, quality products that meet features and high resolution. There are many products label printers on the market, please be very careful when choosing label printers for high quality mucdich use, not to waste time and money on substandard providers measure. Fu'an will accompany you, call us for free advice and answers your questions about the label printer. • TEM COMPANY PHUC AN barcode labels • Address: 1711 Pacific Avenue, Hiep An Ward, Dist. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong • Telephone: 0650 3585679 • Hotline: 0906.637.687 • Fax: 0650 3585479 • Email: • Web: