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Barcode printers used for medium and small businesses

Barcode printers used for medium and small businesses set cost , space

Today the demand of enterprise bar code More from medium enterprises to the small shops , to now have many more options depending on the needs and use that many manufacturers launched many types of printers , there are different prices

For small businesses like mini supermarket , fashion shops , souvenirs , wishing the day in small quantities ( 100-500 stamps ) or in a few days time , you should choose for your barcode printer line I called the desk or office printer , which will help companies increase profitability through lower investment costs .

Features of office barcode printers :

- Compact design saves space , cost savings

- In small quantities requires endurance

- Print barcodes easily worn shaft and barcode printing head

There are many lines of desktop barcode printers from different manufacturers such as :

- Agrox : is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial bar code , bar code equipment suppliers in 70 countries . Argox devices including barcode printers , barcode scanners , mobile devices .

+ Desktop Barcode Printer Argox : durable , easy to use , manipulation and assembly of paper and ink to print barcodes quickly reduce processing time . Saving investment cost . Some of Argox desktop printer : CP3140 , CP2140 , R400 , R600 , A220 , A3140 ,

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- Sato : SATO thermal desktop printers are compact, cost effective and easy to use. Receipts , labels , wristbands and RFID inventory tracking labels can be easily created on a suitable printer . Thermal bar code technology advanced , the printer ensures the highest quality and extremely reliable . Where space is limited , but the quality of printed labels is essential , the feature rich models provide the best in reliability and price.

+ Some barcode printers Sato : CG2 , CT4I , CG408

- Zebra : keep running smoothly and efficiently is the top priority of zebra . With the motto to help businesses use the printer reliability, durability, and ease of use and does not take up much space

+ Some Zebra barcode printers : GK420T , GK420D , GC420D , GC420T , GX420T , GX420D , GX420T , ZD500

- Godex : Compared to 3 on Godex models will be ideal for your business on the investment costs , saving more than the models on the lot , easy to use , but when businesses choose should think money yet pays. Not cheap but durable with such amount to spend for how long , when to use that any error handling or manipulating multiple incidents or called no smooth operation

+ Some Godex barcode printers : RT700I , RT730I , RT700X , RT730X , G500 , EZ1100 plus

- TSC : Godex similar cost savings invested .

+ Some TSC barcode printers : TTP244 , TDP225 , TDP247 , TA210 , TTP245C , TTP 225 TTP 247 , TX200

- Toshiba : There are powerful configuration and compact design provide the perfect printing solutions and quickly

Please select your printer for barcode matching demand and it is important to operate smoothly