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What are Barcode ?

Code barcodes are one of the identification technology and automated data collection are based on the principle: put the object needs to manage a series of numbers (or sequence of letters and numbers), then expressed as bar code so the scanner can read.

In goods management people call sequence and series of strips of barcodes that (barcode) of goods.

First of barcodes can be built and put into use around the world since the 70s of the 20th century.

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Do ask developing production and trade business and technology of barcodes increasingly complete research and development and are widely used in most economic sectors and worldwide. 1973 organized the first barcode was established, which is the Council of the American uniform code (abbreviated English name is UCC).

In 1977, the numbers of items Europe (EAN) was established by the initiative of 12 European countries until 1984, renamed EAN International, is a non-profit organization, operating on a neutral basis with purpose is promoting the application of global EAN system in all economic sectors - society to provide a common language for international trade (especially e-commerce...). Since 2005, the two organizations EAN International and the UCC consolidated into a global organization delimitation called GS1.

GS1 identification numbers (such as commercial codes, GTINs) is a literal integer ranges, including the group to prove the origin of the goods: this is what product? by production company? Companies that belong country ?. Due to such numbering each commodity will have unique sequence to identify unique worldwide. This is a standard code structure used to identify products and goods on the country (region) different, similar structures phone numbers for international communication.

GS1 bar code (bar code ) is a series of parallel bars and spaces alternately designed according to a certain coding principle to present identification number ( or both letters and numbers ) as the reading device fitted Laser head ( Scanner ) received and read. Reading device is connected to the computer and the barcode is decoded into an automatic sequence , called a modern data relating to the goods are stored in a database on commodity products .

Thus, the role of GS1 codes " keys " to capture and lookup data automatically .