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What is a 2D barcode ?

Barcode is a pretty big job - and not just at the grocery store . 2D barcodes are main stream recognition technology used for mobile marketing .

You will be hearing more about new people as NFC , but currently , the majority of folks are sticking with 2D .

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These mobile cards , bar codes printed symbols connected with the physical object ( a magazine ad ) to the number sequence on smartphones ( a video ) . Why should you care? Because a 2D barcode as a Microsoft Tag barcode adds a whole new dimension to your marketing campaign , making them more attractive and interactive .

You can place a 2D barcode on just about anything - printed materials, packaging, posters, signs, websites, clothing. When people can scan the barcode with their smartphones, they immediately see the online content you've created - from a product video to sweepstakes for a customized web page mobile action. But not all the barcodes are created equal. The barcode type you use is very important, because the user-friendly features and different. There are three common types of bar codes: Microsoft Tag barcode, QR code and traditional linear barcodes.

Barcode card

 Tag barcode is the latest version of the 2D barcode. They offer more flexibility than the older formats in designing bar code and content behind it. Because barcode tag associated with data stored on a server, you can provide a powerful online experience more - including the entire mobile website - and updated content estate at any time without having to change the card. So, if you link a tag on your business card to your resum it will remain in effect after you get that big promotion. Tags can be black and white or full color, including custom image (eg, a company logo).


The Quick Response (QR Code) là mã vạch 2D sớm nhất. Nó được sinh ra từ mã vạch 1D, bởi vì nó có thể chứa một dãy thông tin lớn hơn so với mã vạch 1D. Mã QR có một loạt các định dạng khác nhau và các ứng dụng đầu đọc, và có thể là màu đen và màu trắng hoặc cơ bản. Do những hạn chế, Mã QR là phù hợp tốt nhất cho thiết kế đơn giản mà không cần tích hợp với thương hiệu của bạn.

Traditional bar codes ( 1D )

Traditional bar codes are widely used in supermarkets , small shops , but with the fundamental business , common data , non- professional users to beginners traditional barcodes . With all 1D bar code scanner from luxury to cheap money , can scan , with a 2D barcode scanner requires to be asked to read 2D barcodes . Some services use the mobile app to scan barcodes and display data such as price , description and user reviews .

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- Paper printed bar code
- Ink barcode
- Software design barcode labels