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Code barcode (barcode) is one of the identification technology and automatic data collection of objects is a product, service, organization or venue ... based on assigning a code (or digits ) for the object to delimit and express it in the form of code barcode device (scanner) can read.

Barcodes are a series of parallel bars and spaces alternately arranged in a certain encoding rules to present identification number (or other data, including letters and numbers) as the scanner can read.
Below is a series of bar codes respective codes.
Barcode is printed directly onto the object to be managed like merchandise, articles or the containers for delivery / shipping.

may in tem nhanmay quet ma vachdau in ma vach

Types of GS1 codes include:
- GLN global location code;
- Global Trade Item GTIN code;
- Carried under serial code SSCC coneno;
- Global stocks GRAI Asset Identification & PERIOD;
- Global stocks delimitation GSRN relations services;
- Global stocks delimitation document type GDTI;
The barcodes shown kinds GS1 codes include:
- Barcode showing global commodity codes: EAN 8, EAN 13, ITF 14;
- Barcode shown in other types of codes GS1-128 barcode;
- There are also losers area: DataBar, QR codes ...
Each type of barcode is designed to apply only to a particular object, can not be united into one.
Barcode reading
How to read the code: The structure of the global commodity codes most commonly used types present in Vietnam as GTIN 13 of 13 digits. When reading this code we read from left to right in the following order:
- The first three digits represent the country code 893 by the Organization GS1 and GS1 administrator for Vietnam;
- Four, five, six or seven digits next Identifier shown by GS1 Vietnam enterprise governance and for organizations that use GS1 codes;
- Five or four or three or two digits followed by expressed Number identifying items used by the organization GS1 codes administrator and grant your items;
- The last digit represents number check (calculated from twelve digits in front of algorithmically determine GS1).
Barcode reading: Using a barcode scanner