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Today the barcode has been applied almost entirely in the modern economy and the idea that it has long existed, but really it is just beginning to be used from the 70s of last century. In 1974, the first time the collection of information products are operated automatically by barcode scanners.

But the idea is already very long and is a long process to develop before being widely applied. In 1932, Wallace Flint proposed the idea of ​​automated inventory system.

Although the first concept is not feasible, but he has devoted his career to develop the idea of ​​a barcode system. There is an interesting thing that Flint was vice president of the US Food Association for 40 years and was the premise development famous UPC later.

In the next 30 years from the initial idea of ​​Flint, multiple barcode formats have been created as code cow eye (bull-eyes code), number (Numeral code) and some other code. In this technology, the food distribution sector has access to the industry earlier.

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In 1948, a small shop owners have to Philadelphia Drexel Institute of Technology (the predecessor of Drexel University Technology) research methods suggest reading product information automatically while the inventory. Two graduates Nornam Joseph Bernard Silver and Woodland were engaged in developing this solution.

Woodland intended use of the ink is less sensitive to ultraviolet light to read the bar coding. This prototype work but not accepted because of inconvenient and expensive.

On October 29, 1949, Woodland and Silver has successfully built a prototype simulation by sorting through the sample average determined. On October 7, 1952, two people have been patented (US Pattern # 2,612,994) for the article "Design and principle barcode reader".

In the 60s, the efforts to improve performance through the introduction of the laser and the semiconductor chip, bar code system has been put into practice.

Commercialized version first:

Barcode app first commercialized in 1966 for retail. But in order for the industry, the problem arises again reshape some of the system standards.

In 1970, Logicon, Inc. has developed a code that identifies the general food (Universal Grocery Product Identification Code - UGPIC). Monarch Making of America's companies provide bar code equipment in the first retailer in the market use UGPIC code in 1970, and for industrial applications in the British company Plessey Telecomunication also in 1970.

In 1972, Kroger store in Cincinnati started using eye code cow (bull-eyes code). During this time, a committee was set up to select standards for industrial use. IBM has designed based on UGPIC UPC code, and it became the world's most famous code.

On April 3, 1973, the committee has selected IBM UPC symbols as industry standard code. The success of this coding system was created to promote the development premise other codes. George J.Laurer has been recognized as the inventor of UPC or Uniform Product Code.

The first UPC code scanner:

In June 1974, the city's Marsh supermarket Troy Ohio has installed the first UPC code scanner, and the first in the history of the barcode scanner is the Wrigley chewing gum stick.

Software Bar & Stripes initial market:

Bars & Stripes is first introduced into the market in 1991 by Tippecanoe Systems. During later, Bars & Stripes has become one of the software applications most popular barcode worldwide with the lowest cost for small and medium business.