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Instructions on how to purchase appropriate label printers

Label Printer as the device is connected to your computer and print information function, bar code labels on the surface as required, in order to more convenient to capture information and product management. However, with so many types on the market, how to know which type is appropriate. Therefore, the following entries are pleased to help you select appropriate purchasing needs and conditions. Note need to know when buying a printer labels When choosing to buy the machine, the first thing should be concerned about is the capacity of the machine to print, then the working conditions, the quality of the bar code is appropriate for the purpose and needs to use. In addition, the need to balance cost and configuration of the machine. With label printers with high configuration, printing speed will be faster in greater numbers and with greater convenience, but at the same time costs are also higher. Therefore, before you buy, you should consult some of the following information. - Resolution The line of label printers have many different resolutions. If the higher resolution, print quality will be beautifully and clearer, and the price will be higher. Meanwhile, the need to choose a machine with good print quality, clear images. Maximum width
Depending on the width of the paper that you will choose the appropriate size. Some parameters for your reference is the average printer often MPW = 104mm travel with 110mm paper width. Some companies in the industrial park to the label in the paper size 140mm. Therefore, you should pay attention to this when choosing to buy label printers. - Data memory Label printers are now equipped with 2 types of memory as Flash Memory and SDRAM. When you want to print in greater numbers or with the more complex graphics, to choose a machine with large SDRAM can accommodate all data. - The media Besides paper material is most commonly used, label printers can print up some other materials such as synthetic resin paper, foil, aluminum foil, ... Therefore, when choosing print media, you should ask the seller to know the material is appropriate for their aircraft. Above is the information important and necessary in the selection of buying a label printer line with demand, as well as meet the job requirements of the business, company. For more information and the best advice, please contact us at the address. TEM COMPANY PHUC AN barcode labels Address: 1711 Pacific Avenue, Hiep An Ward, Dist. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Phone: 0650 3585679 Hotline: 0906.637.687 Fax: 0650 3585479 Email: Website: