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Guide to Design Stamps Labels On Software Bartender

Now there are a lot of specialized software for designing labels, barcodes from there free of charge to as: Bartender, Label Matrix, Label Altist, Costsoft, ... as well as some software support: Corel, Photoshop , .... in which the bartender was more enterprises choose to use relatively easy to use as well as providing many features such as inserting pictures, connect to the database as text, excel, sql server, oracle, ...
The steps to design a stamp on this software are as follows:
- Select the label printer
- Open software bartender
- Define the size of paper
- Use the tools at its disposal to draw the text, images, barcodes, ...
- Connect to the database (if necessary)
- Preview in - in test
Details on the following steps:

Step 1: Select the label printer as the default printer
. This is because new software compelled derive stamp format
We can set as the default printer in the Start / Printer and fax (Windows XP) or Devices and Printer (Windows 7 or 8)

Step 2: Open the software Bartender

By default this software if you use inches to switch to the unit millimeters or centimeters can be changed as follows:
• Choose View / View options Regional Settings tab portion Units reselect cm or mm. Then click OK.
• Figure 3

Here you select unit mm for easy and consistent with common unit in Vietnam

Step 3: determine paper
Choose File / Page Setup in the Page tab: choose User Defined Page Size Size,
Width: width paper;
Height: width paper.

For example, you select Width: 104.1 mm; Height: 50 mm

may in tem nhanmay quet ma vachdau in ma vach

• Next on the Layout tab / Rows & Columns was where he reported on the number of stamps that his suffering decal declared mucWidth & Height.
Example: Rows: 1 & Columns: 2 means 1 stamp size is 52mm x 50mm print.

Step 4: Design Barcode to stamp size.
Design barcode on my stamp on the icon selected barcode as shown below and select More Bar Codes in this game you can choose which they want to design barcode on stamps offline.

Example: I use my code, the EAN-13, EAN-13 pick in code and then click Select.

Next right click select Properties barcode / Data source here you can adjust according to their own information muon.Hinh barcode below.

Step 5: Design of information on hard stamp.
To create additional product information or notes to suffer stamp left by clicking on the toolbar Text Sample Text à then click again on the left one is suffering its stamp design, the icon will show the Sample Text


At Sample Text You can edit the font, size, alter words ... similar word.

I wish you success.!
Note: If you have questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us to get the best support.