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Introduction 5 best barcode printhead

Barcode print head is one of the most important device of bar code printers, and will be used in printing, high-speed, in response to a variety of specialized printing needs. Here are 5 top barcode printing is considered the best. Print head thermal transfer barcode printer Intermec Intermec brand has become famous in the thermal printing industry, there are two types of heat transfer and thermal direct. Machine has many features, resolution levels, including 203 DPI, 305 DPI, 406 DPI dots per inch. Sato barcode print head For years, Sato gives consumers thermal printing solutions Reliable and rugged printers, rugged. Pioneer in the field of bar code printing should Sato Sato printhead manufacturer for use in both heat transfer and direct thermal applications. Zebra bar code print head Zebra is the choice of large companies in countries around the world. They chose Zebra bar code print head for thermal printing needs them. The machines will replace the exact criteria used in the original text of the print head when they design. The specific model you buy will depend on compatibility with other types of printers.Avery barcode print head
The latest line of Avery barcode print head with durable protective film along with improvements to protect the print head and the corrosion caused by the use of less paper. These upgrades have nearly tripled printhead thermal resistance in the wear and tear Avery barcode. Datamax bar code print head This machine provides a guarantee for Datamax thermal printing where a million inches for any errors against the manufacturer. In the first bar code printing products today, Datamax will meet the needs of all users. In addition, manufacturers also offer printer, tag and ticket materials, labels, thermal transfer ribbon. Ribbon print barcode types such as wax, wax-resin and resin. Above are 5 kinds of barcode printing and best quality at present, is the famous company in the world and use trusted. Thanks to modern technology helps the machine works well, work fast response and prevention, the best limited risks may occur. For more information and the best advice, please contact us at the address. TEM COMPANY PHUC AN barcode labels Address: 1711 Pacific Avenue, Hiep An Ward, Dist. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Phone: 0650 3585679 Hotline: 0906.637.687 Fax: 0650 3585479 Email: Website: