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Solutions Library

The use of bar code technology in the management of, rent, borrow more and more widely. Now, the management of thousands of books easier, much simpler.

A modern library needed development towards modern technology. A modern library is a library attached to information technology. Automation means totally in library activities.

Currently, the library is using a software management system library (Library System) to manage library operations. Especially in this software with the participation of a bar code scanner (Scanner). Machine which helped librarians easily manage library books and cards. Very convenient, fast and accurate management easily borrow, return books; and in the professional work of other libraries.

Conceivably professional library work with the participation of the following bar codes:

For the treatment of: Unlike traditional way before, when purchasing new books, library just paste for each book a bar code (bar code), this bar code is the individual number of each book book. Then, each book will be entered into the database of the library management system. Once you have data in a computer, along with barcodes, who handled the book will easily and quickly print out labels books.

For the loan payment and management of library card: Once readers find a book and want to borrow, rather than take the recorded vote requirement, where readers do not need to do anything but put procedures library card to the librarian.

Thanks to a barcode reader, simply put librarian library card with a bar code reader and put the barcode of the book through the machine is finished. process fast, accurate and do not take the time and effort of librarians and readers.

The payment of such similar policy. Librarian just put the barcode of the book and library card barcode quamay barcode reader is completing procedures return books.

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