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Supermarket Solution

Bar code applications in goods distribution system in the supermarket channel.
Products after being produced will be labeled barcodes or barcode printed directly onto the packaging before being marketed (Barcode is also a prerequisite if you want the product to be exported to other countries the world). The barcode labels are printed with the kind of label printers to print bar codes with large capacity to meet production needs.

Product after labeling or printing bar codes will be distributed to supermarkets and shops. Supermarkets or shops understand the origin of each item through the bar code printed on the item. Then, supermarkets and shops to use bar codes to classify goods, pricing aims to manage and bill accurately and quickly.
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After purchase, the customer to the cash register, the cashier just hold each item glance barcode scanner system fitted just below the counter. The machine will automatically read the bar code on the item with the information, the exact price. The process is fast, customers do not have to take a long time to wait as before.

Printer will automatically print invoice receipt to customer invoices in paper roll. That is kind of tabloid-sized paper rolls range from 76mm - 80mm enough to print out a list of items and prices. Ply printable lot and cut the paper automatically after printing to deliver to customers a rapid way.

The use of bar code technology in the supermarket sales channel makes the sales process more quickly, saving time for customers, bring satisfaction and comfortable while shopping.