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Barcode Solution in warehouse management

The use of barcodes for products supporting the work of warehouse inventory is done easily, quickly and science.

To be able to manage the origin of products, we can label the products with the following two options:

* Option 1: every product / package must have different barcodes. SKU will be assessed in batches, types of products and each product in the same category will be numbered in order of ascending series.

This will significantly increase the amount of code needed to help manage however to get information about the products when traceability correctly.

* Option 2: Similar products in one shipment would have the same bar code. The code will be highly differentiate between shipments and product categories.

With this information labeling product can still be found, but went in a shipment. In the case of consignments which are not exported or exported to two different customers are not able to distinguish certain products have been distributed to customers.

Processes barcodes affixed to products

After the product has been put code, using bar code printers to print bar codes for products. May use specialized printer to print barcode, depending on the needs, we choose the appropriate product category and the most economical. Barcode decal will be printed on paper, which is then removed and affixed to the product. The barcode will be pasted onto the stage at the factory to warehouse finished products or be stuck in the product phase has been completed and is awaiting delivery.

Process warehousing

• warehousing staff with the support of barcode scanners read the barcode turn on consignment warehousing, the information will be put into a computer to create a receipt with information related to management to shipment. Since this time the product will be managed through a code on the barcode.

Process warehousing

Similarly for the warehouse, employees can create patterns based delivery bill in, use the barcode reader to warehousing. Employees take turns reading barcodes on consignment for sale simultaneously in order to trace the origin of the product later on, when ex-warehouse information such as date of manufacture, production for one, order code, ... to be written get into the system. So when the warehouse staff to put these parameters into the computer.

Warehouse inventory processes

Business equipment warehouse inventory using mobile barcode reader. During inspection warehouse employees barcode scanning all of the products in the warehouse then connect this barcode reading device to a computer to download data to the processing service. After acquiring the program data will render a report on the actual quantities in stock and compare with the data being managed on a PC and allows updates to the data available.

Deployment system includes:

may in tem nhanmay quet ma vachdau in ma vach

Benefits of using barcodes in warehouse management:

• Reduce operating costs of businesses, increase profits

• Increasing competition in the market thanks to quick response & customer requirements into product prices low.
• Proactively funding thanks to lower inventories.

• Bar-coding systems identify and quickly correct Sort code as well as the various codes of publications, increasing the speed of business management publications, loan payment transactions.

• With the integrated and closely support the operational management systems, bar code allows reducing the data entry operations, to minimize confusion in the operations

The solution helps you:

• Know the inventory, inventory age appropriate business decisions.

• 90% Reduced inventory losses due to too long, customers were discounted.
• Help decide to import goods / new production.

• Respond quickly to customer orders.

• Reduce 100% wrong entry of goods through barcode accuracy.

• 50% of the time manipulation and data entry in the warehouse.