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Solution Barcode education sector

Solution Barcode education sector

Schools, colleges and universities are growing and growing student population, this must require your card cang barcode solution replaces manual management or manually increase the efficiency , precise control of the people and the school.

Barcodes will help managers in education tracking people and assets, so the manager can see more and do more, safe and effective in the shortest possible time.

We offer barcode solutions including ID card printing solutions, wristbands, receipts and labels to help managers manage students and resources while enhancing the educational experience.

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Access control, identification, registration and Track

Parents and educators to strengthen the security requirements in schools and universities. Ensure that visitors and students to visit the school authorized and are in the right place at the right time is essential safe. Card Printers provide student ID cards aimed at identifying who was who. You can release staff, students and visitors with ID cards and manage access to the entire campus, including the people see where, when.

When evaluating campus safety is a factor in choosing the university, over 80% of students indicated that it was somewhat or very important. ID card that allows you to monitor the movements in and out of classrooms, libraries and other locations. Smart card data is encrypted in a short time, you effectively can register to attend, shorten the registration queue, and stores the locations lastknown a student or visitor safety enhancement

Cashless payment and service expansion

ID cards provide optimal solutions for cashless payments and used a quick and easy way to borrow or reserve learning resources. Students can use the card for cashless payment for services such as a café or restaurant, and they allow students to borrow books from the library facilities and equipment. Cashless payment in the educational environment discourages theft and bullying, and encourages students to remain on campus. 80% of students use their ID cards and similar information to buy food from the canteen or food

Card Printer

Use the printer to create secure card, student and visitor ID cards, ranging from basic functionality to smart cards packed with important data of students. Smart card encoding options allow schools to implement the various levels, access control, cashless payment and tracking functions. The barcode printing solution to create high quality, safe.

Resource and Asset Management

Today the school has a multitude of assets, require monitoring and protection-from books, copiers, laptops and laboratory equipment. With barcode printers and radio frequency solutions identified (RFID), you get accurate visibility of assets, nearly 100 percent inventory management, and a more certain path to prevention loss. Barcodes and RFID simplify the recording of the location, condition and available resources

Shops and Services on campus

Today's students tried to immerse themselves in the world of mobility. Take advantage of this trend by providing a mobile phone, POS, tablet and smartphone applications throughout the campus to help streamline retail job. Students free to shop alone, which means that they absolutely can serve themselves without assistance. The result is reduced costs of human resources transactions more efficiently, and as a way to reach students and visitors with media rich, virtual menu and select products. You can also provide seamless WiFi connectivity to affiliate programs and promotions, all important for creating positive relationships with the surrounding business community.

Event Safety

Bracelets of barcodes for quick student, easy access to events and outdoor activities, eliminate paper tickets. Once purchased, wristband barcode replacement tickets or collect payments at the point of sale, or extracts from the student or visitor's account. From there, they can use a strap around the site to buy the product. What's more, employees can quickly scan the wristband, allowing easy crowd control while ensuring access and maintain order.

Accessories included:

- Scanners

- Ink barcode

- Paper printed bar code

- Warehouse Management Software

- Student Management Software