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Barcode Solution for managing and business

 Barcode Solution in business management

With the development of information technology today , the management of information originating goods 1 are easy , the manager always done with one excel , 1 Bookkeeper , 1 warehouse inventory and would be a lot more people

With the manager as much time on it and manpower . So how to save time cost , but the management of goods faster , more precise and clear ?

The CTy and now has been producing the high quality products , reputation, market acceptance, but can not put to the supermarket , and a larger market , businesses can not expand . For these large markets have higher requirements for product traceability

So how to the business of the enterprise is expanded in the supermarkets and the larger market ?

Enterprises should be given a " certificate of identity " for his merchandise to easily put into the supermarket , entering the regional market and the world market . And 1 it is important that businesses will want to protect the brand and its brands

So " identity card " for goods is what?



 1 Which number and barcode of goods:

    How to facilitate and enhance the productivity, efficiency in sales and inventory management? Please answer one way it will print on goods a special code with vertical rows of stripes parallel to each called number and barcode of goods.

Code of goods barcode consists of two parts: the commodity code and barcode are parallel vertical lines or squares interspersed be encoded from the range of bar code scanners to give

Commodity code is a sequence of numbers used to identify the goods, apply in the flow of goods from the producer, through wholesale, warehousing, distribution and retail to the consumer. Commodity code is "proof of the people" of goods and help us differentiate quickly and accurately various commodities.

To ensure the integrity and unity of the code , country code must by organizing international item number ( EAN lnternational ) are granted to countries members of this organization . Country code of Vietnam is 893 and is used by 2008 .  

Takes advantage of the useful B barcodes used in the production of goods :

+ Protect brand through barcode labels .

+ Control production schedules immediately

+ Increase productivity : import , warehousing charges , which serve hang1 bill quickly.

+ Savings : reduced manpower and reduced time in the stage of inventory and calculate .

+ Precision : thanks to barcodes , people distinguish exactly the same type of goods from different suppliers , to avoid confusion when calculating prices , better customer service

+ Convenience in the implementation of after-sales service : Customer Care , complaints , product warranty .

+ Detection of counterfeit and pirated goods .

+ The use of barcode for products also contribute to improving the image of products in the customer's perception etc.

Using Barcodes in manufacturing and trading is an inevitable trend in industrial production, especially with the Vietnam Business is currently on the path of international integration and market penetration World. Therefore, special bar code necessary for enterprises producing export goods.




Building a database system focuses - measurement automatically manage the resources (with barcodes, plastic cards) works on LAN / WAN / INTERNET, allowing managers to fully grasp information About produced an online ONLINE (or real-time), through which the system decision-making, executive producer is quick and accurate.

* Receiving / Responding quickly to the needs of the market, satisfying the criteria of the system JIT (Just In Time) is understood literally "Right product - with the right quantity - in the right place - at the right time essential point ".

* Ensure continuous manufacturing operation .

* Manage product quality is improved.

* Management of the finished products and raw materials warehousing accurate

* Function queries , statistics and reports quickly , Instant , accurate materials, inventory , warehousing customers according to product categories , according to the shipment , according to customers , according to the production plan , over time , etc. in any time.

* Simple traceability of products , prosecution product quality etc.

* Avoid moving the existing capital bury inventory number , expiration report timely merchandise

100 % Accurate , fast in the stages of production and business processes .


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