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Solution Barcode labels printing for enterprise companies

To meet the demand for printed labels, barcode in greater numbers, require fast, Bar Code Printer is the perfect solution for industrial manufacturing, transportation, logistics, food, water beverage, pharmaceutical ...

Industrial production: Barcode Printers used to print bar codes, stamps nhancho products with fast speed adaptation required to work with high-intensity of the industrial sector

Transport and logistics: The industry transportation and logistics using barcode printers to print labels, barcode for shipments with important information on the basis of distribution and warehousing. Bar Code Printers to meet requirements faster processing, data changes continuously for shipments.

Food and drinks: food industry and beverage demand label printing, bar codes with high power continuously for 24 hours / day, 7 days / week. Label Printer is the perfect choice. Barcode printers with high resolution, durable, adapt to harsh working environment

Pharmaceuticals: The field of high precision requirements, the need to print labels containing important information for patients outside Vial / medicine box. Avoid errors and misinterpretation can lead to serious performance.

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• Fast, high resolution: Maximum print speeds up to 12 ips (304 mm / s), 203-600 dpi resolution, print widths up to 4 "- 6" (104-168 mm) . Meet demand labels print continuously for many hours of the industrial sector ..

• Durability: Built with cast aluminum frame ensures high strength, light weight, withstand the harsh conditions of any industrial environment. Can operate continuously for hours to meet the needs of the industrial sector.

• Easy to use, substitute: the front LCD screen easy to read, easy machine operation thanks to encrypt indicated by color. Chart paper and ribbon (ribbon) is embossed on the machine. Easily removable print head (can be changed in less than 5 minutes), ribbon (ribbon), printing paper. Having the ability to upgrade firmware.

• Connectivity: Serial, parallel, LAN (optional), 802.11g wireless (optional), USB host (optional). Standard connection interface allows easy integration with any other system