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Solution food supply chain

Solution food supply chain using bar codes to help consumers peace of mind and not worry when using native foods and quality

Helps ensure a food supply chain safe and accurate with barcode printers and RFID technology from manufacturers such as Zebra barcode printers, Sato, Datamax, Godex printers print .... Use Information product label product on pallets, crates, or individuals with barcodes, text and lot numbers. RFID labels and tags can provide real-time information on the location, condition and time of product delivery.

- Technology: business and manufacturing

- Used in:

+ Property Management

+ Information is printed on the labels (paper print barcode barcode-lable)

+ Document & file management

+ Information barcode labels (barcode printing paper)

+ Inventory Management

+ Invoice & collection

+ Identify people & Access Control

+ Quality Management

+ Get Shipping

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+ Transport

+ Security

Besides the barcode printer line , we also provide related equipment barcode solutions like :

- Warehouse Management Software

- Sales Management Software

- Barcode scanner ( bar code reader )

- Ink barcodes ( barcode print Ribbon )
- Paper printed bar code ( barcode printing Decal )

To serve our enterprise business support software design as required for business use management software suite business model or process production management