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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions
Equip shoppers and your business solution for retail customers to help support the purchase and create more convenience for your customers.
Point of sale solutions
Sometimes, the only interaction between buyers and sellers are at the point of sale. Solution for Point of Sales (POS) technology combines scanning, collecting signatures and payment devices, mobile computers and wireless infrastructure, enabling customers to experience personal shopping makes customers feel satisfied and want to come back.

Features and Benefits

- Technology multidimensional crawl easily scan items of all sizes and shapes.
- The imaging was used to photograph the customer to make membership ID card as well as to scan bar codes for POS transactions.
- The larger items can be scanned without taking out the cart with wireless scanners.
- Checkout faster, more efficient and more accurate.
- The feedback of customer value can be obtained at the point of sale to serve advertising campaigns in the future.
- Save time at the counter waiting for customers.

Customer Solutions for Retail
Equip shoppers and your business Solutions for Retail Customers of Motorola. Support for self-service shopping for your customers that you value time and their loyalty.

By combining technologies such as wireless infrastructure, Portable Shopping System (Portable Shopping System - PSS) and MK2000 Micro kiosk applications with partners, Solution Sales of Symbol turning point every visit to the store turns into a shopping experience personalized, make customers feel happy and want to come back

Features and Benefits
- Give your customers that you value time and their loyalty.
- Support at the store to help save time and help customers you engage customers and cross-selling.
- By examining carefully the product while shopping, customers get accurate data before paying.
- Based promotions to customers based on the record of their shopping history.
- Micro MK2000 kiosk helps customers find the products they seek and suggest related items to complement their own items.
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The solution links mobile shop
The best place for the management and employees of business is in the business floor interacting with customers. By combining mobile computers and wireless infrastructure with partner applications, Solution Links help liberate Store manager retail stores, store employees and supervisors from their desks and take them to the sales floor, helping to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
Features and Benefits
- Read emails, tasked with working with the report, cancel transactions and check prices - from anywhere in the store.
- Monitoring the store from the back, at home or another location outside the shop with wireless video applications.
- Keep in touch with the store manager and employees through voice over Wi-Fi, instead of public address systems.
- Spend valuable time to focus more on customers.
- Increasing efficiency in stores and reduce hiring needs.

Solution inventory management for retailers

From yard loaders to checkout, Solution Manager helps you inventory control inventory. By combining mobile computers, wireless infrastructure and card reader radio frequency identification (RFID) applications with partners, our solutions help ensure that your inventory is tracked accurately and efficiently in all processes.
Features and Benefits
- Access to timely and accurate information at the product you get, when you get the product and the product's shape.
- Improve the accuracy of your pricing for improved customer service.
- Reduced inventory losses and improve profitability.
- Increase productivity and usability.
- Reduction of stagnation for the sales process.