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Scores on 3 types of barcode printers today Cheap

7 Causes Damage Top Print Bar Code? In the industrial environment and modernization of the country as the current development of the printing of barcode label, decal pasted on their own products is essential and indispensable so barcode printer is a tool great in a long time, but in the use of barcode printers will arise down the causes manic barcode print head let's find out 1. 1. Temperature Normally any barcode printer there is a defined temperature level itself. But when printers have problems such as print blur, blurry or unclear, the customer letters often increase temperatures up to remedy this situation The increase in temperature in the long run will affect the life of the print head barcode 2. 2. Speed All things have a barcode printer print speed of the printer specified Often when buying a printer for printing customers often use the speed of the machine according But for some reason that customers need to increase performance printed on the printing speed has increased on this also affects the print head
 3. 3. Paper, ink

Paper, ink is indispensable raw barcode printer paper So, squid also have many diverse categories from high to low quality in the course of using ink users may accidentally use the type low quality that directly affects print barcodes to its first use 4. 4. Ink Coverage Before printing any type of bar code labels that we have to go through the design phase Tem barcode labels are diverse and many species of stamps simply print, print bar codes, printed information ... there stamps requires sophisticated and complex in design files and temporary while the printed stamp when the government requires a lot of ink, but the stamp of this type will affect your print head 5. 5. Direct thermal printing paper Direct thermal printing paper is paper before printing has ink in it and do not need to use when printing ink and printed only when conducted through the bar code print head of the printer will have a label, decal any kind. Heat decal paper printing process in a long time period will then cause damage to the printhead mau6. Cleaning

 Usually everyone who uses barcode printers less attention to hygiene issues is one of the key issues of the print head Theng barcode So if you read this information you take note of the problem this core will help you reduce printhead hau damaged bar codes as well as the cost of manufacturing operations 7. 7. Environment The last thing is put the printer environment is extremely important if you do not pay attention to this issue . The printer manufacturers recommend barcode printer placed in a clean environment or freezer as other office equipment Avoid direct contact with dirt , sand ... because If put printer in the environment this will affect the school directly to the printer and print head barcodeAbove are the causes direct impact on the daily bar code print head that you might accidentally not to notice . For more information , please contact us at the address .
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