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Earlier in the barcode and things to know

The importance of the bar code print head | printer accessories barcode | preservation cach dau barcode print | main oil distribution in cave

1. First print barcode and its importance

The bar code print head is one of the most important devices in the barcode printer coupled with the value of the entire product.

There are some questions as the cost of a print head barcode can account for 40-50% of the cost of barcode printer 1. That is totally unwarranted, because the barcode has beautiful, no scratches, they must have one the reader absolutely no scratches.

A bar code print head warranty issue remains a perennial problem, with the bar code print head if used properly, it will use up to 10-12 months, or with the head in porcelain use with high yield and in harsh environments or due to many factors that can be scratched or damaged, so the majority of distributors are applying technical warranty for the printhead not apply scratched warranty for it.

may in tem nhanmay quet ma vachdau in ma vach

Because of relatively high cost and very susceptible to damage from scratches, we must note that the issues for this chiecdau barcode printing. If you just use the one that appears briefly as printing errors are not the ink or create unwanted characters may be in your head was a technical error, take it to the distributor Reliable Credit for advice warranty.
And if in the process of using the labels on the dashed appear irregular or small dots on the code, the rate is very high print head scratches. Remedy fastest print head is removed (if not known installations may contact techniques to be user-hearted people) cleaned with alcohol and a soft cloth.

If after cleaning, but still did not fix the situation, then the bar code print head can not be used anymore.

Regarding the preservation, should be stored at room temperature and worked with an average frequency brings long period to use this barcode printing head Also use paper, decal, ribon genuine will bring partly durability for in_ department head is considered the most important and price is also subject to the most expensive line of barcode printer accessories
Artwork of one of the first printing of bar codes

3. House distributor genuine barcode print head

Company Ngan Giang THHH TM SX with established brands, reasonable warranty policy and reputation, as a supplier, distributor barcode equipment in general and in particular the first bar code printing has somewhat made a name barcode market in Ho Chi Minh City and barcode market of Vietnam