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Barcode technology is widely used in the retail business

Barcode technology is widely used in the retail business, give businesses a complete solution to process information and business management and supports all the steps of retail operations.

It is the perfect combination of business management mode of modern information technology and IT. This solution helps enterprises improve logistics management, information flow and capital flow, and reduce operating costs.

It performs logical order and quickly, increasing the proportion of product revenue, reducing storage, and thereby increasing the utilization rate of capital and work efficiency, and provide scientific basis retail operations and business policy
Features and Advantages

1) Equipment Manual barcode scanning terminals can solve data collection and delivery in many situations and multiple modes: such as regular chain, franchise chain, affiliated companies, offices, distribution centers, etc.

2) portable terminals send the data collected (such as marketing data, data transmission, test data, etc.) to the headquarters to manage data integration. Headquartered then can control the real-time information of the sector initially, such as storage, finance, purchasing, marketing, retail, distribution conditions, etc.
3) handheld terminals using GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth, data upload is unlimited. The safety of the data uploading and storing the original data is guaranteed.

4) Headquarters can uniformly access and update customer information remotely, such as rebates, price, promotion information, ...

5) When marketing, it can use portable terminals to perform wireless printing.

Lazada use barcode scanners to check customer information (Photo Source:
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Using hand-held terminals, and combined with bar code technology and WLAN, GPRS and Bluetooth, to collect data and monitor the management of all activities and check inventory in shopping center large.

Using hand-held terminal to collect scan data can effectively avoid operational errors, reduced cargo damage, and significantly reduce costs. Also, wireless technology allows data updates in real time of the shopping center, ensuring proper management of stocks and currencies.