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Management software minimart

Product Name : Management Software minimart


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Management Software minimart

With shops , mini supermarkets , grocery stores manage the amount of goods and revenues detailed by date , month , quarter , year 1 job ... is extremely time consuming, and labor ....

To solve these problems on our company has introduced management software minimart

Software is developed on Web 2.0 technologies can be used wherever high speed and data security capabilities absolute. Some key features of the software:

1. portfolio management:

Including the portfolio management function for input support, help do the work quickly and avoid mistakes; including the list: Unit, conversion between units, geographical, suppliers, customers, classification of revenues and expenditures, ...

2. Management baseline data:

Include the information management function beginning (baseline Inventories, beginning of period customer liabilities, supplier liabilities baseline, cash) at the time of starting to use the software to provide data for the report: inventory report, a final report (each time), report customer liabilities, reported liabilities supplier

Interface baseline inventory update

3. Management import :

Allows management detailing each importing goods, including full information as: Supplier, recipient, the supplier invoice, the receivers, the discount rate, commodity details, ... used for calculating sales, business profits.

4. Management sales invoice:

Allowing detailed management of each sales invoice, including all information such as the invoice number (automatically generated), customer, developer, traders, commodity details, details Promotion, Promotion by commodity, general promotion by invoice, customer debt, auto debt last count, print invoice request form.sales invoice:

5. Warehouse Management:

Allow monitor the number N of warehouses, inventory value, warns enter more

6. Financial Management business:

Information Management revenues and expenditures in business activities such as managing other receivables, other cost management, cost management bus each delivery, management salaries to employees.

7. Functions reporting:

Full reporting system, reported data accurately and useful market for tracking and improving business operations.

And many other utility functions ...

Also, when using the software, you can request more gadgets, features to enhance management efficiency.

The software can be installed online or installed in the enterprise intranet or personal computers.

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