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Production management software

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Software production management

Production management software to help enterprises better control over the limits of the project ... simultaneously capable of optimizing the resources as raw materials, labor, machinery, construction ... just enough to which can produce easy for business valuation

The software is a combination of manufacturing experience is drawn back through time aims to help manufacturing enterprises to build a scientific management processes, efficient management of input materials, manage home supply, inventory management, sales management ... to establish norms for the product, analysis of the surplus or deficit of raw materials, synthesis of valuable reports to management companies.

The effect that the production software giving its enterprise applications?

The input data are the factors related to production planning ... and some other data. Only have to enter once for all operations of the software, while the report was made with more speed, more accuracy. Enterprises have the ability to better control the limits of the project ... simultaneously capable of optimizing the resources as raw materials, labor, machinery, construction ... just enough to produce from which can easily easy access to the business valuation.


Information on production work is fully updated, timely and likely shared by everyone who needs to use information such as company leadership, steering production, producer. . . Application of this type of software is also synonymous with the organization of production processes of enterprises under the professional process, in accordance with international standards, thus enhancing the progress of the project, saving costs and increase profits. The application of software production team is also an important tool to improve enterprise management, grasp the production situation, the development, while it also helps businesses better access to standards International. One business if applied right from the small scale will also have the advantage of being easy to deploy and now put into place soon. Any delay enterprise software applications to job production management ..., now that will make it difficult for yourself and create advantages for competitors.

The main functions of software production be?

Warehouse Management:

Create and manage inventory (inventory of materials, components warehouse, finished product inventory ...)

Enter, warehousing, merchandise return

Manufacturing Process Management

Prepare product norms

• Set up production orders. Situation analysis of materials and components in stock to support the production order.

· Organizations Raw defined categories and components / semi-finished and finished products by category obviously, clustering, and more to individual color components and finished products.

Supplier Management

· Information Provider

· Liabilities supplier

Manage Sales

Customer Information

· Customer Liabilities

· Customer Roses

· Transportation costs

Price list

· Revenue per business employee

Financial management

· Revenues

· Expenses

Management Branch (Applicable in the cases now have multiple branches, multiple warehouses ...)

Statistical Report

· Report Liabilities suppliers, customer debts

· Report excess debt

· Import Export Reporting existing general cargo

· Report on expenditures

· Other reports ( according to the management requirements of businesses )

· Export reports to various formats ( Excel , ... ) Security

· Decentralisation to users Software

· Based on the permissions of each user , the software will give them a separate menu functions divided by topic for easy management and operations.

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