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Product Name : Wax/Resin AMOR APR6 

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Resin Wax Ink Armor APR6 barcode aka Wax Resin Thermal Ink Film Ink Armor APR6 or Armor Resin Wax Ribbon APR6 kind of resin which accounts for a higher percentage but not the majority. So that the quality of ink on paper to stick with solids and higher adhesion, fine print quality, sharp. Scratch resistant, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and higher ... Resin Wax Ink barcode can be printed on a variety of materials such as paper plotter paper generally tear type, PVC material or child paper also called plastic decal - tear tearing The common specifications of Resin Wax Ribbon Armor ink is APR6? Resin Wax APR6 Armor ink used in the pharmaceutical industry such as warehouses, cold storage, warehouse ... with high solvent resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and a number of commonly used specifications are: Ink code Wax bar 50mm x 300m APR6 Armor Resin, Resin Wax Ink Armor APR6 barcode 60mm x 300m, Resin Wax Ink Armor APR6 barcode 70mm x 300m, Resin Wax Ink Armor APR6 barcode 80mm x 300m, barcode Wax Ink 90mm x 300m APR6 Armor resin, resin Wax Ink Armor barcode APR6100mm X 300m, resin Wax Ink Armor APR6 barcode 110mm X 300m, resin Wax Ink Armor APR6 barcode 110mm X 450m, resin Wax Ink barcode 160mm X 450m ... for more information, please contact us at the address. TEM COMPANY PHUC AN barcode labels Address: 1711 Pacific Avenue, Hiep An Ward, Dist. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Phone: 0650 3585679 Hotline: 0906.637.687 Fax: 0650 3585479 Email: Website:
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